Moving Tips from Movers in San Diego

Any time you are getting ready for a big move, you must decide if you’re going to employ a business to pack your things for you or if you are going to do the packing yourself. There are many great companies in San Diego who employ movers and packers. But, if you want to complete the packing yourself it is advisable to purchase or borrow the following moving boxes and supplies: various sized cardboard boxes, sofa covers, mattress covers, bubble wrap, packing paper, packing tape with a dispenser and a black marker for labeling packed boxes. It is useful to obtain these supplies before you are heavily into the task of packing your house in order that it is as easy and stress free as possible.

As soon as you have your supplies prepared, you can go along with some of these moving suggestions:

– Generate a list of objects that you plan to move.

– Load up early. Packing your house always takes more time than you estimate and the more you get done before moving day, the fewer problems you will be faced with.

– Boxes that are similar in size are simpler to load up. Remember to load heavy ones at the base and smaller ones on the top.

– Try to work with the appropriate dimension box and use packing materials to shield your things. Every box and packing supply has a specific use.

– Name boxes so that you remember what is in them and exactly what room they should be brought to in the new destination.

– Pack items you are through using until after you reach your new location.

– Load up one area at a time with the kitchen last. The kitchen is among the last areas used before your move and is usually among the first areas to be unpacked at your destination.

– Separate valuable documents and items so they are able be carried by you in person on moving day.

– If you have to ship valuables in the moving truck, be sure you have photographs, appraisals and/or invoices with you in case they get lost or broken and you need to file an insurance claim.

– Load up fragile items loosely with a lot of packing paper and label the box “FRAGILE”.

– Load up non-breakable items neatly in smaller boxes.

– Load up literature on top of each other with the bindings alternated so that they stack evenly.

– If feasible, pack small appliances and electronic equipment in their traditional boxes.

– Have a minimum of ten extra boxes reserved to use for last minute items on moving day, such as bed linens, clothes, and cleaning products.

– Reserve some elementary cleaning products to clean your old house after moving out. Clean as much as possible in advance.

– Utilize your travel luggage and backpacks to pack clothes in.

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