Long Distance Moves

Moving across the street, across the region, across the country or across the globe? We can help you! We specialize in both local and long distance moves. We have worked moving families around the country and around the world. We have also been doing corporate relocations for years.

International Moves

We have a network of movers around the world that we are experienced working with. For example, if you are moving to Paris, we would either pack up or instruct you on the important ways your belongs would need to be packed up for moving your belongings in a ship container. Household goods place in a ship are subject to more than just the vibration and jolts of over the road moves, they can be subject to more significant movement as well as high variations in temperature. Temperature variations can be a factor with some belongings such as art work, some leather furniture, and some clothes, you may need to ship those separately by air or by a refrigerated container.

When your belongings reach the destination port of entry, we will facilitate customs clearance and then pick up and then the ultimate move to your new home abroad. At each step of the way, we have a network of agents, transportation companies and movers to do the final delivery and set up in every major and most minor cities in the world.

Long Distance Moves

If your move is outside the region, your belongings will typically be picked up and packed up by us and then transferred to a qualified mover in your destination city. Often, to save money, your belongings will be consolidated with other peoples belongings and shipped between cities. In other cases, it makes more sense to use a common carrier trucking company to move your belongings between your old home city and your new home city. Some people, despite the expense, choose to ship their belongings separately in a truck with only their belongings on it. At ever stage, we at Grizzly Movers will set it all up, tap into our network of local movers and transportation companies and monitor the progress of your belongings to your new home.

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